Yoon engineering
(YG Engineering INC)

Yoon engineering (YG Engineering INC) started with the airplane parts supplier business since 2015.We’re qualified Korean government supplier and our Korean sister company has doing R&D business since 2008. We’re currently providing a wide range aviation service, from flight training, aircraft maintenance, aircraft management, ferry flight, part purchase and selling, firefighting helicopter water tank installation and aerial photography airplane remodeling service and more.

About Us

Yoon engineering formerly known as YG engineering was established in 2015 and has been a prominent supplier for various airplane parts. We specialize in general aviation services and cover the majority of the business related to the services. As mentioned above, Yoon engineering covers all major prospects of the general aviation industry which includes rendering services, flght training, selling and leasing airplanes and their parts. Our secondary office is also located in Korea that covers the Asian market of the industry. Other parts of our business include flight training and unmanned vehicle training in joint venture with Genesis aviation.
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