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PARTS Purchase & Selling

Many aircraft owner has headache for their left-over parts inventory. Mostly people’s up-loading eBay or personally re-selling by themselves. No more worry about your inventory. Our qualified mechanic will inspection of your inventory and selling instead you. You can purchase the aircraft part from our inventory list too.
If you need aircraft part or have inventory list. Please, click and leave a massage.

• Inventory list Up-loading System

Aircraft Recycling

Sometimes mechanic school, aircraft crew training school, or movie stage director need big jet aircraft interior and parts of aircraft. Our hundreds oversea partner send us next teardown aircraft schedule. We do sell the fresh teardown aircraft interior and cockpit for mockup remodeling or any ground training purpose.

Aircraft sale and buying

We sell, buy aircraft and helicopters. If you need special purpose use aircraft or helicopter purchase. Contact our team.
Inventory: M20R 1995

Pilot Training

We have sister company, which is Genesis Flight School in Arlington TX. We have many experiences for training of flight training and commercial Drone. We want helps students’ finical problem for their tuitions. Contact Genesis Flight School.

We work with established agencies, labels and organizations,
as well as young talents and startups.



JITEL is a company that develops and produces optimal solutions based on wireless communication and embedded-based technologies and various experiences. Hardware technology, OS such as CE, Android, Linux, location-based solution using GPS, various GIS-based control systems, and software technology ranging from design and construction of wireless networks can be a reliable partner for you who dream of taking a new leap forward. will be. We do aircraft communication system, rental business, ground Radar system research and develop for Korea government and military. We expend the business territory in US market since 2018 with Yoon Engineering. JITEL Global Aviation USA support engineering, technology, supplier service to end-user (Korea government project) and JITEL Korea. We do management, communication between our vendor to Korea government projects end-user. www.jitelglobal.com


Global warms make more wildfire in the world, each country considering more big water tank and high weight lift solutions. Our best engineer will solve your problems. We have bigger water tank and installations solution. Which helicopter install do you want, CH-47, UH-60, Sikorsky or any other manufacturer helicopters, our team take care your problem. Our Korean sister company has Helitak firefighting Equipment dealership. Their bell tank capability is 250 to 2645 US Gal.


We open flight training and rent aircraft business since 2017 in Arlington airport. We also service fun flight experience. Our qualified mechanic and professional pilots will management your aircraft. Our fixed wing flight training capability is Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, IFR training, single commercial, CFI and CFII. Commercial Drone training either. We charge lowest training cost in the US and best experience instructor take care your pilot training. Commercial Drone $ 600 ( 10 hrs.) Sport Pilot $ 3,600 (20 hrs. Flight / 10 hrs. Ground) Private Pilot $ 6,000 (40 hrs. Flight / 20 hrs. Ground). TECNA P92 $ 7,900 (40 hrs. Flight / 20 hrs. Ground). C172 /w GPS IFR rating $ 8,200 (40 hrs. Flight (10 hrs. Sim) / 20 hrs. Ground) Business Hours: Mon to Friday 9 am to 5 pm Saturday 9 am to 4 pm Call: 682-276-3942 Contact to Genesisflightschool.com www.genesisflightschool.com